The products of gritz are free forging modules.The maximum weight of large-size forgings can reach 62 tons, and the maximum weight of circular ingots refined by electroslag remelting workshop can reach 84 tons Heat treatment equipment meets all technical requirements.From soft annealing and normalizing, to oil quenching or water quenching, all these procedures are required to be able to do.We have enough grinding machines Equipment, milling machine equipment, drilling equipment and cutting equipment to carry out a variety of products rough processing and finishing, to meet customer requirements.Griz for all products All production processes are under strict quality control.DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance issued by Lioyd has been obtained for the quality management system of gritz steel plant. The forgings of various alloys produced by golitz meet German and international quality standards.In order to ensure that the material maintains a stable and high quality level, we will conduct chemistry on the material Composition analysis, nondestructive material inspection, metallographic inspection and mechanical property inspection.We maintain good relationships with senior companies and research institutes that provide the testing services required by gretz.

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